Mullet Cricket Story

Im going to tell the story behind the Mullet Cricket.

My dad passed away in 2015 to cancer and I didn’t know where to turn, family and friends are always there to help in that situation, but I wanted more!!

I wanted to keep his legacy going, he was known as Mullet for his hair.

He was outgoing, relaxed l, an infectious laugh. Everyone that come into contact with him loved him.

So it is down to me to keep it going, so I decided to start a cricket brand.

Every bat is English willow and Uk made, everything I do I try to get the best quality possible and at affordable prices for you.

I give warranty, I care for my customers and I use the product as well.

How can I sell a product and not use it to.

I have a couple players under my wing and one has continued to grow and has scored over 10 - 100s with a mullet bat.

Why not try a Mullet bat, you won’t be disappointed.

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